Published 11 months ago in Gospel Hip Hop

OverComer 4-10-2020 2.mp3

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This is a song about Overcoming the challenges we face in life


I’m an overcomer

Thank you for being a wonderful Blessing
to my life.
In spite of all the challenges
I may face
You’ve given me the
Wisdom, knowledge, Insight and Understanding
and you covered me in your
Grace and Mercy
You Blessed me To be an

I’m an overcomer I say
The Lord help me be this way
You see me through every day
I Love your Blessings
I’m an overcomer I say
The Lord help me be this way


You Blessed me
to feel this way
To make it throughout the day
Don’t know where the Blessings come from
But I know that their on the way
I believe in your every word
the things that you have to say
I’m a focus on your will
I need you to help me
In these times when I can’t see clear
I’m asking you to make a way
Please keep and then restore me
Because you have a better way
Rescue me
Forgive me Lord in all my wrongs
For where I was week
You made me strong


I’m an overcomer I say
The Lord help me be this way 4X


As I take the time to pray to you in my secret place
There are changes in my flow that are taking place
You give me power to press on in the morning and I
Keep moving up with my eyes on the prize and I’m
Praising you for all the things that you done for me
You keep me sane in the time when there’s anarchy
You kept me good in the times when you were mad at me
You took control Blessed my soul and now I’m so Happy

I wanna praise you now Lord
For the things that you’ve done for me
You provided light in times
I couldn’t go any Further
Getup and walk you said
Then I started walking
When I live within your word
I stay Blessed and I’m so Blessed

I’m an overcomer I say
Cause made me this way

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